FB Conversion Adapter
Adapters Item No Description Outer diameter Extension lengh Image
FIFO-ADV6.5 V38 mount to M42×1 44mm 6.5mm
FIFO-ADVC V38 mount to C-mount 44mm 6.5mm
FIFO-ADVF9 V38 mount to F-mount 64.4mm 9mm
FIFO-ADVL(Leica) V38 mount to M39×1/26 44mm 6.5mm
FIFO-ADFT34.5 V38 mount to M42×1 56.9mm 34.5mm
FIFO-ADFT42 V38 mount to M42×1 56.9mm 37.9mm
FIFO-ADFM58 45mm V38 mount to M58X0.75 61mm 34.5mm
Others FIFO-ADM58M72 M58x0.75 to M72x0.75 75mm 2mm
FIFO-ADM72M90 M72x0.75 to M90x1 100mm 4mm
FIFO-ADM90M95 M90x1 to M95x1 98mm 4mm
FIFO-ADM72D M72x0.75 to Dalsa Piranha serirs Camera 78mm 35mm
FIFO-ADCM42 C-mount to M42×1 45mm 9.53mm
FIFO-ADTC T-mount to C-mount 45mm 28.97mm
FIFO-ADM72M42 M72x0.75 to M42x1 75mm 15.8mm
FIFO-ADCNF C-mount to M17×0.75 28mm 5.526mm
FIFO-ADSC S-mount to C-mount 27mm /

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